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Side View Of Pretty Woman Looking Away

Source: Gili Gordon / EyeEm / Getty

On the larger scale of things, 30 years old is still a young age full of possibilities.

But for Mila Blatova, it’s the end of a chapter — her beloved 20s.

To mourn/celebrate years passed, Mila staged a mock funeral for her 30th birthday. She even sported black clothing and decorated her spot with black balloons.

When Metro asked Mila what she’ll miss most about her 20s, she responded “just feeling young.”


Okay Mila.

Don’t get it twisted, Mila isn’t all doom and gloom when it comes to entering her 30s. The mock funeral was done all in humor, and she said she’s still looking forward to “new adventures, traveling, taking care of my two little boys, and whatever else my life brings me.”

When asked if she had any advice for people about to hit the big 3-0, Mila said, “Own it, and make the most of it, and don’t be afraid of still having fun regardless of your age.”

Now that’s something we can get with.


Happy Birthday to all the 30s out there!