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The cops have been known to do some very dishonorable things in history — but showing up to a dead man’s funeral over an Iphone is next level.


According to the Tampa Bay Times, Florida authorities went to a funeral home and used 30-year old Linus Phillip‘s finger to try to unlock his cellphone as part of their investigation. Phillip was killed by a police officer just last month after authorities say he tried to drive away before an officer could search him.

We’ve heard that excuse before.


Sources revealed that two detectives came to the funeral home and put Linus’ hands up to the phone’s fingerprint sensor, but they couldn’t unlock it. But there’s no way that can be legal, right? Wrong. Legal experts say that although what the detectives did could be deemed inappropriate, it still was very legal.

SMH. The law also states that a deceased person can’t assert their Fourth Amendment protections because, well, their dead. But fortunately, Phillip’s family gets final say-so of what happens to his remains from now on.


VIDEO: Daily Mail, via GIPHY