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Donald Trump Is Sworn In As 45th President Of The United States

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Let’s keep it funky.

Melania Trump seems like she’s been looking for a way out since 2016 — AT LEAST.

The first lady’s face alone screams “dump Trump” and can you blame her? She has to have her work cut out for her, putting up with an alleged sexual assaulter, extramarital affair-er and just all around crappy person.


However, this weekend it seems like Melania found a light in a dark place when she was hanging next to Barack Obama at Barbara Bush‘s funeral.

That’s right, Melania was grinning and cheesing like she just left wet ink on the Trump divorce papers.


Why was Donald not sitting next to Melania you might ask?

Apparently, he couldn’t make the funeral because he wanted to “to avoid disruptions.”


Too bad smooth-as-butter Obama was “disrupting” Melania’s  gloomy life by showing her what real happiness could look like.


But don’t forget Melania — Obama is a chose man!

She better keep her gum-showing to a minimum or Michelle will snatch that smile right off her face…


With poise and grace, of course.


Swipe through for some hilarious reactions to Melania’s time with Obama!

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