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A courtroom sketch of Tom Brady went viral yesterday, and people were thinking he looked a little deflated, like a zombie.

The New England Patriots quarterback is currently in court appealing his four game suspension over last year’s deflate-gate. Once the sketch was released, Twitter erupted with memes and Photoshopped versions of the drawing, which looked nothing like the dapper Tom Brady we’re all used to seeing.

This prompted Vice to reach out to sketch artist Jane Rosenberg, who has drawn many famous courtroom scenes involving Al Sharpton, Woody Allen v. Mia Farrow, John Gotti, and more. But she’s so upset about this awful sketch, she felt the need to apologize.

“Tell Tom Brady, I’m sorry. He’s a very good looking guy and if I didn’t make him look good enough, I’ll try harder next time,” she said.

The website asked if the comments bothered her, and her answer was a little strange:

“I’m my biggest critic, myself. So I feel terrible when I do a bad sketch. So when the whole world is criticizing me, I might just kill myself. Or I might just laugh it off. Who knows?”

Here are some of the reactions from her sketch.

Tom In Thriller

Tom in ET

And a bunch of other things…but Tom will always be a winner.

SOURCE: Vice | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash, Instagram

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