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A 61-year-old bystander was shot and killed during an undercover NYPD gun bust in Mount Vernon, New York. The man was walking to pick up his car from a local repair shop, when he was shot twice in the abdomen. [NY Daily News]

Three police officers from Denver, Colorado are in hot water after an insulting voicemail, left on a local reporter’s phone, surfaced. The officers were heard conversing about the reporter’s appearance, namely, her “huge tits.” [MediaIte]

The wife of slain Texas sheriff Darren Goforth speaks for the first time since his tragic murder. Kathleen Goforth said: “There are no words for this. My husband was an incredibly intricate blend of toughness and gentility. He was always loyal, fiercely so. He was ethical. The right thing to do is what guided his internal compass.” Our prayers go out to the Goforth family. [NBC News]

Well-known neurologist and writer Oliver Sacks has passed away at the age of 82 after battling cancer. Sacks wrote the best-selling book, The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat. May he rest in peace. [Times]


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