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Kylie Jenner isn’t one to play by the rules.

She’s finally 18 and can technically do what she wants (except drink), but it seems she’s been doing what she wants for quite a while now anyway. In addition to toting her older boyfriend around everywhere she went, Kylie got her lips done as a teen – and without her parents’ permission.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Kris Jenner speaks about the moment she found out about the procedure, and rightfully so, as her parenting skills were called into question over Kylie’s secret surgery.

Kris recalls:

“I get a little crazy – and I think that is what no one sees is that I do have definite thoughts and ideas of what she should do, you know, at a really young age. I’m from the generation that in my day, I mean, some of this stuff did not exist for sure, but I don’t think I did one thing physically to myself until I was in my 50s. Like a good 50 years old before I thought about it… so, I’m thinking…why, why? Why do you need to do that?”

After getting angry over her youngest daughter’s decision to go through with the injections, Kris says she had to let it go.

“I got really upset, and then it was done, and I had to let it go. Once that was done, it’s just my kid. I love my kid. We make mistakes.”

The 59-year-old mom and manager of the Kardashian-Jenner klan also talks about how hard her girls work and the fee she charges them for each gig. Watch Kris klear some things up via the clip below:

In other Kylie Jenner news, the reality TV star and entrepreneur has changed her hair yet again. Ky was spotted heading back to L.A. with her boyfriend Tyga in tow, and we couldn’t help but notice that her hair is now green.

Kylie debuted the new look at the grand opening of the Sugar Factory American Brasserie restaurant in New York City on Wednesday night, where she spoke about her new app and how Tyga feels about her constantly changing look:

Speaking to PEOPLE at the event, Jenner revealed what boyfriend Tyga thinks of her ever-changing beauty regimes and looks. Asked if he gets freaked out, Kylie said: “Not really. I feel like he’s always been with girly girls, so it doesn’t freak him out.” Rapper Tyga is also a fan of the star’s new app, as Jenner revealed that he “thinks it’s super dope.”

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SOURCE: PEOPLE, Access Hollywood | PHOTO & VIDEO CREDIT: Splash News

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