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TV host Bill Maher has made it clear that he does not stand with Ahmed Mohamed. The 14-year-old boy brought a homemade clock to school but some immediately mistook it for a bomb. Maher believes the teacher did nothing wrong by bringing the clock to the attention of the school’s officials. [Complex]

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson says the President of the United States should not be Muslim. Carson believes the President’s values and principles should be consistent with American values. [Politico]

Best-selling novelist Jackie Collins has passed away at the age of 57 from a long battle with breast cancer. She made her last television appearance on Loose Women. [Daily Mail]

A Papa John’s delivery guy has been ordered to remove the confederate flag-decorated license plates on his car. Many customers complained until corporate got involved and forced him to take the plates off. [TMZ]

The Eiffel Tower was shut down today due to a mysterious suspect climbing the famous attraction with a large backpack. The unidentified man was seen an hour prior to the tower’s opening and still hasn’t been found. [Daily Mail]


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