After Ahmed Mohamed's homemade digital clock was mistaken for a bomb by authorities, his family is seeking $15 million.

Back in 2013, a Florida teen also worked on a science project for school and was arrested for it, and she received none of the perks Mohamed did. In fact, she was – and still is – treated much worse.

He stopped by The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore and dished on his infamous arrest. Larry Wilmore asked, "Be honest, keep it 100. Was it a little cool to be arrested?”

The father of 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed told the newspaper that he withdrew his son from the Irving Independent School District

TV host Bill Maher has made it clear that he does not stand with Ahmed Mohamed. The 14-year-old boy brought a homemade clock to school but some immediately mistook it for a bomb. Maher believes the teacher did nothing wrong by bringing the clock to the attention of the school’s officials. [Complex] Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson says […]

The nation grew furious earlier this week when 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed was arrested for bringing his homemade clock to school. The teenager gained support from many notables, including President Obama, who invited him over to the White House. When Ahmed was arrested, Texas police identified his object as a “hoax bomb” but now, sources are stating that […]


Ahmed Mohamed accepted President Obama's invite to the White House, but Sarah Palin's daughter believes Obama shouldn't get involved.


Ahmed Mohamed, the Muslim high school student who alarmed teachers for making a clock thought to be a bomb, will not be charged.