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Ice-T and Coco are having their first child together.

Coco shared a recent picture of her and her baby bump and she’s carrying tiny – very tiny to be seven months along. The 36-year-old was backstage supporting her husband Ice, who was scheduled to appear at a concert.

Coco is still sexy and fit, so much so that people have been doubting she’s really pregnant. In an exclusive pregnancy blog posted on E! Online, Ms. Austin (who already revealed she’s expecting a daughter she and her man are naming Chanel) wrote:

“I don’t have anything to prove to anyone. My stomach is growing slowly,” she wrote. “Once my stomach really starts growing, they’re not going to be doubting.”

Sure, we think Coco looks great, but we can’t wait to see her baby bump and watch as she becomes an amazing mom.

SOURCE: Us Weekly | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter, Instagram

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