Looks like ChyRob will make the fast track down the aisle + hear what Kanye West had to say of their union

When an infant’s heels are higher than your own. Baby Chanel is barely 14-weeks old, but her shoe game is already pretty strong. In a new photo shared on Instagram, the baby girl sleeps peacefully in a pink tutu, a pair of earrings, and satin pink heels. Coco captioned the adorable photo simply, “Long day for my […]

The couple took adorable snaps of the baby smiling and wearing infant slippers that resemble heels.

Coco Austin's post-baby body is so fantastic, it's easy to forget she was ever pregnant.

Ice-T, Coco, and the family are looking great for the holidays.


Chanel already has her mother's model looks!

Coco Austin may be having the greatest pregnancy ever. At 7 months pregnant, the model looks as though she can still wear a bikini and no one would know that she’s with child. After revealing a few months ago that she and husband Ice-T were expecting their first child together, Coco’s growing bump has gone […]

Ice-T and Coco are having their first child together. Coco shared a recent picture of her and her baby bump and she’s carrying tiny – very tiny to be seven months along. The 36-year-old was backstage supporting her husband Ice, who was scheduled to appear at a concert. https://twitter.com/cocosworld/status/648244015599616000?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw Coco is still sexy and fit, so […]