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Lil Bibby has come a long way in the music game, but now he has completed a huge milestone on the educational front as well.

The Chicago MC posted a photo earlier today to his Instagram, showing off that he has received his high school diploma, and is now a high school graduate of Liberty High School.

Bibby dropped out of high school during his senior year before his music career, and only recently received his GED diploma last year.

It looks like he may even have plans to pursue higher education, as Bibby wrote, “F*ck it I’m going to college. #UCLA I’m otw.”

After appearing on Sway In The Morning, and speaking with Sway and Heather B., he revealed that education was not a fundamental to him and his friends while growing up.

During the interview, both hosts promised to throw him a huge graduation party if he went back to school and graduated, and it looks like that’s going to happen.

The radio show host wrote in a repost of Bibby’s photo, “I’m so proud of @LilBibby_ for going back to get his diploma,” Sway writes under a repost of the picture. “Education is worth more than currency. Bibby has shown so much potential and setting a great example.”

This is a great thing to see, and another huge accomplishment the rapper can add to his list. Congratulations to him.


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