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Ever since Drake hit the music scene back in 2009, he’s had the reputation of being a ladies man- but now his body speaks for him before he even gets a chance to lyrically woo the women.

The Back To Back rapper has been linked to everyone from Rihanna to Serena Williams, and we can’t blame the ladies for falling for his unique Drake charm. But who knew that under all of those jazzy grandpa sweaters, Drizzy was hiding a rock hard six-pack?

It’s been an amazing year for the Toronto rapper: he snagged the first platinum album of 2015, has a number one collaborative mixtape with Future, and is rumored to be dating the number one tennis player in the world. What better way to honor his contributions to pop culture than to recognize his new dedication to the gym?

Check out our gallery of Drake’s marvelously muscular moments below.

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram 

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Drake courtside, 2012 NBA All-Star Game
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