The superstar has been working out and his results are impeccable.

Thanks to her combined talent and beauty, singer-songwriter-actress Chloe Bailey goes viral weekly. Head inside.

Will Smith debuts his new middle-aged, quarantine body to social media ahead of a new six-part fitness unscripted series from his company Westbrook Media and YouTube Originals.

Who remembers Natasha Bedingfield? Bedingfield is the Pop singer who released the single "Unwritten" in 2004. There's a new remixed version of the song that has become a viral TikTok trend, and Natasha Bedingfield is joining in on the fun for herself. What we didn't realize is that Natasha has a body on her.

One country is taking cosmetic surgery to a whole new level. In Bangkok, Thailand, Lelux Hospital is performing procedures that can make a penis whiter. That’s right. An employee of the hospital posted video and pictures of the procedure, and it has since gotten over 19,000 shares. The video alone has received over 4 million […]

Rihanna‘s new thick physique has been a hot topic for all of 2017 — from people body shaming to praising her new found curves. The Barbadian beauty has kept mum about the conversations surrounding her weight, but now she’s finally speaking out about how she’s learned to embrace her ever-changing bod. Rih revealed in an interview […]

Whoever thought Wendy Williams would be depressed after getting body shamed by the Internet all week is wrong AF. On Thursday, the talk show host took to social media to let fans know that she’ll be addressing the infamous bikini pic (and all the controversy that came with it) on the season nine premiere episode […]

There is no mercy shown when the Internet decides that someone or something is roastable — and Wendy Williams learned that the hard way this week. The talk show host is the latest star to catch the wrath of social media for simply enjoying life. See below: Photos of Wendy vacationing in Barbados while […]