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There is no mercy shown when the Internet decides that someone or something is roastable — and Wendy Williams learned that the hard way this week.

The talk show host is the latest star to catch the wrath of social media for simply enjoying life. See below:

Photos of Wendy vacationing in Barbados while rocking a teeny weeny bikini have made their rounds on the Internet, sparking a drag drag session that was inappropriately hilarious (sorry, Wendy). On the other hand, Wendy is always ripping into everyone else. Fair game, right?

The 53-year-old’s bikini body has clearly been under the knife before, but at her age, at least she’s comfortable hitting the beach in a two piece — which is the most crucial part for a woman anyway.

Again, Wendy has built her career off of blasting and roasting celebrities, so it’ll be interesting to see if she can take it as much as she dishes it out.

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