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Chloe Bailey has been going viral every other day, thanks to her combined beauty and talent.

Earlier this year, she and her sister Halle Bailey announced separate Instagram accounts, a move that has given fans a chance to get to know the Ungodly Hour duo as individuals. For her part, Chloe is spicy, dedicated to her craft, and funny. She’s been displaying the kind of presence only true superstars are capable of commanding.

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Back in March, for instance, Chloe blew us away with her remix of Yung Bleu’s track “You’re Mines Still.” Performing the women’s response record to Bleu’s hit song in a TikTok video, it was just Chloe and her mic, but yet and still, we were in awe. Since then, she’s blessed us with glam shot after glam shot, intimate studio moments, more TikTok covers that have everyone talking, and high-fashion photos of her beauty. One of her most incredible moments this year was her rendition of Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good” for ABC’s Juneteenth: Together We Triumph.

In yet another viral moment, she dropped “Have Mercy” on Thursday, September 10. The song and visual served as her solo debut and exceeded fans’ high expectations. Some are already saying it’s the best video of 2021.

Here at Global Grind we’re happy to see Chloe taking control of her image and having fun with her sexuality, especially after the world tried to shame her into self-consciousness and modesty. She captioned a recent picture “Pressure makes diamonds baby” and we couldn’t agree more! To celebrate the young icon-in-the-making in all her glory, we’ve gathered a few of her most beautiful social media moments below. Keep shining queen.

1. Kissed by the sun.

2. Back, back, backing it up.

3. Truly a vision to behold.

4. ‘Round the way girl vibes.

5. What a lovely day, indeed.

6. Front and center.

7. Baby girl is pressure.

8. Pretty in pigtails.

9. Her fire Grammys look.

10. Badddd bih!

11. Killing in a little black dress.

12. Lawd, have mercy.

13. We love you, Chloe!

14. Forever ever.

15. Congrats on all your success.

16. You deserve.