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This week, Drake hit Instagram with some shirtless photos that have quickly made headlines. ChampagnePapi has been working out and his results are impeccable.

In a carousel post you can swipe left on, he’s seen diving into the ocean as a small wave hits, enjoying the sunset, lounging with friends, and striking a pose on exercise equipment. Throughout the pics the OVO frontman flaunts his sculpted torso, which of course is full of tats. “The reward for hard work is more work…kno dat,” he captioned the carousel. See up top. 

Social media quickly took notice of Drizzy’s social media sexiness, with nearly 2 million people “liking” the photo so far.

“No word on where exactly or when the photos were taken — but you gotta imagine it might well have been from his trip to St. Barts for the New Year, where he was partying to celebrate the holiday. Jetting down to the Caribbean has become a regular pastime for Drake in recent years…” TMZ notes. In the last photo, you’ll notice he sports some Turks and Caicos OVO golf club gear.

In other pertinent Drake news, one young man has gone viral for his hilarious impersonation of the superstar. He looks so much like Drake — gestures and all — as he sings to a girl in the club, that you’ll have to look twice before you realize it isn’t the “Wants and Needs” rapper.

“Fake #Drake spotted in Miami rapping ‘Girls Want Girls’ in a woman’s face,” @NoJumper tweeted. See below.

It’s worth noting the man reportedly gets paid as an impersonator — and we must say, he’s good at his job.Stay tuned!

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