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As charged as America’s political and social landscape is today, it’s no surprise that race is a recurring theme in hip-hop culture.

The good folks over at The FADER invited Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller and Long Beach native Vince Staples to have a discussion about race and White people’s involvement in the genre. Mac and Vince break down the difference between a rapper who happens to be White and a “White rapper.” They also discussed whether race matters in hip-hop and how White rappers like RiFF RaFF, Iggy Azalea, Macklemore, Eminem, Action Bronson, and Paul Wall became popular.

Mac Miller said, “There was a lot of white people like, ‘I love white rappers because I can identify with them.’ The reason white rappers can do what they do is because white people be hoorah-ing the shit. It’s like when there are white people on an NBA team.”

“When you’re white and you rap, you’ve gotta have bars. It’s all about the bars,” Vince countered.

Both agreed that when it comes to showing respect and appreciation, White rappers should give credit where it’s due.

“There are people that created things, and who made things, but if we’re talking about someone’s ability to participate in something, then the color of a person should not be in the conversation, period…..Without the Beastie Boys, there’s no Vince Staples music. So I don’t care about some white rapper sh*t,” said Vince.

Read the entire discussion over at The FADER.


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