The "N-word" topic comes up frequently when discussing race relations in America.

On Tuesday, a panel assembled after she died issued a report indicating that the jail’s staff needs more training in regards to identifying mental health issues. It also specified that the facility should provide anger management counseling for inmates and employees should wear body cameras.

Nathan Barksdale, the Baltimore drug lord and inspiration behind HBO's hit series 'The Wire,' has died.

An alleged attack on two White men by a group of Black men over a Confederate flag decal could be investigated as a hate crime, Fox2Now reports.

As charged as America’s political and social landscape is today, it’s no surprise that race is a recurring theme in hip-hop culture. The good folks over at The FADER invited Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller and Long Beach native Vince Staples to have a discussion about race and White people’s involvement in the genre. Mac and Vince […]

Since announcing their new “Race Together” initiative to combat race relations, Starbucks has been met with mixed reactions. Many believe the company is using the topic of race as a prop, while others slammed them over a lack of people of color in the accompanying campaign. In an op-ed for Medium, Starbucks’ Senior Vice President of Global Communications, Corey duBrowa, explained how […]

You know that list of companies that are outspoken about gay marriage? The ones that tell gun advocates to put their firearms away when walking into their stores? The ones that pay your tuition and boast unity from their liberal boardrooms? Starbucks is that company. So it was only a matter of time before the inevitable came. […]