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Who hasn’t butt-dialed someone before? It’s common for people to slide their phones into their back pockets and later find out they made a handful of unnecessary calls. The problem? Well, aside from accidentally dialing an ex, now folks’ backsides are causing headaches for emergency dispatchers.

According to new research performed by Google, accidental butt-dialing is making up a considerable percentage of 911 calls in San Francisco. These calls are causing havoc for emergency dispatchers because they have to try to decipher the garbled messages from the butt-dials. After shadowing 911 dispatchers for a day in San Francisco, Google researchers found that 30 percent of the wireless calls were accidental.

Google’s research concluded that after an accidental call was made, dispatchers had to call back and leave a voicemail. That entire procedure took one minute and 14 seconds. That time wasted creates a bind for the dispatcher and for people at risk, considering a real emergency could be happening at the same time.

If you’re one of those people prone to butt-dialing, here’s a way to prevent yourself from becoming a problem child. You can use a passcode screen or a call-confirm app the next time you stuff your phone into your back pocket or purse. Be responsible, and watch your ass at the same time.


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