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Justin Bieber‘s legal team is once again jumping to his aid after nude pics of the star on vacation in Bora Bora with rumored girlfriend Jayde Pierce hit the internet.

According to reports, a legal team repping Bieber sent a cease and desist letter to multiple media outlets threatening to sue if they posted the three naked photos. The infringement letter read:

“We recently became informed that your company has obtained and is distributing unauthorized photographs of our Client including images showing him without clothing.”

The letter confirms the photos are indeed of the Biebs and that they infringe on his trademarks. But various sources state Justin is not ashamed about the world seeing him in all his glory.

Even Justin’s dad chimed in to compliment his son’s, er, package. He tweeted:

TMZ says that although the singer was angry about the photos being published, his anger dissolved when they went viral and people started to comment on how well-endowed he is. Looks like Bieber may not press charges after all…

SOURCE: TMZ, Hollywood Reporter | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash 

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