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As social media becomes an ever more prevalent part of our lives, it’s easier to make complete fools of ourselves on a national stage.

“I am f*cking drunk and this is horrible,” 23-year-old Whitney Beall slurred as she broadcast onto Periscope. In an 11-minute video released by police on Monday, an intoxicated Whitney can be seen on video driving late at night in Lakeland, Florida after bar-hopping downtown, according to WFLA.

There are seven videos in total, the first beginning while she’s still at the bar, and the last ending with her behind the wheel. In one of the videos she clearly says, “Hi guys, I’m driving home drunk.”

Beall snitched on herself by broadcasting the whole thing on the Periscope app, where anyone could see the incriminating stream. And her online viewers alerted authorities about the incriminating activities. Initially it wasn’t easy for cops to find Beall, but after figuring out she was driving a Toyota due to the emblem on her steering wheel and her announcement that she had a flat tire, things became a bit easier.

Cops picked up Beall and arrested her for DUI. She told a WFLA-TV reporter, “It was a big mistake and I’m learning my lesson.”

Understatement much?


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