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Halloween season is finally in full swing, which means if you haven’t picked out your slutty animal costume yet (if you’re going the basic route) then you’re running out of time.

Before it’s time to get dressed up in your cute, scary, original costumes — we interrupt this post for a quick reminder DON’T DRESS IN BLACKFACE or any other offensive costumes this Halloween season — there are plenty of Halloween items that need to crossed off your typical fall bucket list. Instagramming your first PSL from Starbucks, obligatory pumpkin carving pic, and of course, screaming your head off while going through some haunted houses.

Hopefully, you live by a few good haunted houses. But if you’re really lucky, you live in Orlando or are visiting in October and get the chance to check out Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights. This year, Universal celebrates its 25th year of the event with nine elaborate haunted houses and five unique scare zones throughout the streets of Universal Studios Florida.

If you aren’t that lucky, we’re going to play a little game…can you figure out what the theme of the haunted house is by looking at one image?

Test your Halloween horror knowledge in the gallery below.

PHOTO CREDIT: Universal Orlando, Giphy

Can You Guess The Haunted House Theme From The Picture?
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