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When will we reach a serious solution regarding gun control and gun safety in this country?

This week, a two-year-old in South Carolina found a gun in the car he was riding in and accidentally shot his grandmother. And last month, another two-year-old boy shot himself in the leg with his father’s handgun, which was sitting on the coffee table. Stories like these are heartbreaking, but nothing new.

According to The Washington Post, there have been 43 cases this year of someone being shot by a toddler. A toddler is classified as a child age three or younger. Of those 43 cases, in 31 of them the toddler found a gun and shot his or herself.

The stories rarely make it to the news unless an adult is harmed in the process, but the incidents have happened roughly once a week on average this year.

The state that has seen the most toddler shootings is Missouri, with five so far. Florida comes in second with four, followed by Texas with three. Most of the children involved are males.

This is just another eye-opening account of what guns have done to America.

SOURCE: Washington Post | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter

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