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Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse – a funny ode to the end of the world and boy scouts, of course – is in theaters today.

There’s just something about zombies that we can’t get enough of. So in case you’re a bit confused as how to do your zombie makeup for tomorrow or need some last-minute Halloween inspiration in general, we’ll give you a few examples of how to turn into the undead in order to scare the shit out of your friends.

The good folks at Paramount, who had the idea to pit Scouts against Zombies, sent us a very talented young lady by the name of Chainelle Molina from Chic Studios in New York to give us a full zombie makeover.

Today I came into work as a regular guy wearing all gray, because when the zombie apocalypse starts, apparently most people wear neutral colors. Then, I ended up looking like one of the Walkers in the #ScoutsVsZombies movie. Seriously.

Our managing editor Vicky Misha didn’t want to let me sing my Britney Spears music, so I bit her on the neck like a street taco.

She started to turn almost immediately. Blood oozed from her neck as her skin transformed right before our eyes.

A few of the scouts in our office were a little bit nervous, because Vicky went and bit one of the other employees here. Check out Puck below.

Scouts Guide is in theaters now.

Here are the finished products done by Chainelle Molina:

Vicky Misha

Xilla Valentine


PHOTO CREDIT: GlobalGrind, Instagram, Viacom

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