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Kanye West has a lot of demands, and one of them isn’t on brand with his Big Brother and team’s drink of choice.

TMZ came up with the great idea to compare Jay Z’s rider with the SWISH rapper’s request list for when he stays at hotels. We found out everything from what color towels Hov and Yeezy use, to what type of breakfast cereal ‘Ye wants. But the real shocker told us Yeezy needs to get on that D’USSE life.

While Jay Z requests his room to be stocked with Ace of Spades champagne, ‘Ye only wants a different type of cognac that isn’t the Jay Z-supported D’USSÉ.

Seems like Jay has to put his boy on to what’s good. Meanwhile, Hova also has numerous requests for his daughter Blue Ivy. TMZ reports:

Jay has lots of Blue Ivy demands. For starters, the entire suite must be childproofed with all corners, sharp edges, and electrical outlets all covered, and statues, lamps, and breakable objects removed. Oh, Blue only drinks organic whole milk.

‘Ye doesn’t have any specific demands for his daughter Nori. You can head over to TMZ to see the rest of the things on their riders.


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