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Seven more people have been pronounced dead in the Romanian nightclub fire that took place over a week ago, bringing the death toll total to 39. Many citizens in the country have blamed government regulations for the deadly fire. [Billboard]

It turns out L.A Laker Lou Williams is not at fault in an alleged fight that took place outside of a Vegas casino in September. Cops detained Williams at the scene for further investigation but later determined he was a victim in the altercation. [TMZ]

The leading coffee shop in America has upset the Christian community and it isn’t because the coffee is bad. Starbucks is beginning to roll out their holiday cups and Jesus is nowhere in sight, causing many to speak out. “Starbucks REMOVED CHRISTMAS from their cups because they hate Jesus,” said a man in one Facebook post. Should the words “Merry Christmas” be included in this year’s Starbucks holiday campaign? [Time]


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