Head inside, as Emilia Clarke reopens the mystery and points the finger at showrunner Dan Weiss.

Rappers aren't the only ones making national headlines for beefing with one another.

Meek is using his unfortunate situation as an opportunity to shed light on injustices in Black America.

Folks haven’t been playing with Starbucks this week after their racists actions at a Philly location. The arrest of two Black men for simply sitting in a store has resulted in protests across the country and a #BoycottStarbucks movement. Amidst all the heat, the Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson has spoken up and some company changes have […]

A White man who hadn’t bought anything was given the bathroom code minutes before a Black man was refused.

Here’s a long list of Black coffee shops across the country.

A California judge just made us think twice about going to get our daily cup of Starbucks. According to new reports, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elihu Berle ruled that the chain and other coffee retailers must carry a cancer warning label because of a chemical produced in the roasting process. In a decision made this past […]

Starbucks continues to deliver with the holiday specials. This Christmas season, they’re rolling out their new Christmas Tree Frappuccino and it’s definitely decorated with holiday spirit. The drink is made up of Peppermint Mocha Créme Frappuccino and is topped with Matcha whipped cream that’s made to look like a tree. The “tree” is decorated with […]

The world’s biggest Starbucks opens in Shanghai, China on Wednesday and at 30,000 sq ft, expect to get a lot of caffeine. This isn’t just some typical coffee shop. It will include various new features that are sure to make your visit an experience. Swipe through to find out what they’ve got brewing.

People have had a lot to say after a Buzzfeed News reporter suggested Starbucks' holiday cups might be pushing some sort of "gay agenda."