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MPs demand 25p “Latte levy” on hot drink cups.

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Rappers aren’t the only ones making national headlines for beefing with one another—the folks behind adult video website YouPorn made it known this week that they want all the smoke with Starbucks.

In case you missed it, a rep for the coffee chain said in a statement on Thursday, November 29, that Starbucks will no longer allow guests to access porn via its free Wi-Fi amenity. Wait, people watch porn at Starbucks? ‘Cause that’s not weird at all…

The statement came following years of pressure from internet safety advocates who’ve accused Starbucks of “opening the door for patrons to view graphic or obscene pornography, view or distribute child pornography (an illegal crime) or engage in sexual predation activity,” the NYPost reports. On Friday, a Starbucks spokesperson reportedly told CNN “Once we determine that our customers can access our free Wi-Fi in a way that also doesn’t involuntarily block unintended content, we will implement this in our stores. In the meantime, we reserve the right to stop any behavior that interferes with our customer experience, including what is accessed on our free Wi-Fi.”

Seems like the right move, but YouPorn isn’t here for the 2019 erotica exile. In a memo posted by Forbes, YouPorn VP Charlie Hughes reportedly and hilariously banned Starbucks from their offices. He’s kidding right? Hughes wrote in the company-wide note:

“In light of the news that Starbucks has blocked customers from searching and viewing adult content within their establishments, Starbucks products will officially be banned from the YouPorn offices, effective January 1st, 2019.”

Something like that isn’t actually an enforceable rule, right? Hit the flip to see how the innanet has been responding to their beef. Also, let us know if you’ve ever—EVER—heard of people watching x-rated videos at Starbucks?

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