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UPDATE: Tuesday, November 10th

Thankfully, this bad idea waiting to happen is just a hoax. The three developers behind Rumblr, quickly dubbed “Tinder for fighting,” misled reporters. The app was just a way to promote the team’s consulting company launch. Pretty crafty. Mashable reports, The developers say the very idea of the app is “dangerous” and, if made real, “would only affect the world in a negative way.”

SOURCE: Mashable


Rumblr, an app that helps users find and engage in bare knuckle fights, is set for a test release today. The trial version will go to the first 2,000 people who registered to use the app. Yes, 2,000 people actually want to try this, and more than 78,000 have shown an interest, according to the NY Daily News.

The app encourages users to insult would-be opponents, possibly with the following suggestion: “tell your match what you don’t like about their picture.”

If a fight agreement is reached, the location of the brawl is made public so others can go watch. Oh, and there are filter systems for women (RumblrHER) and group fights (RumblrGROUP).

You’re probably thinking, “this can’t be serious,” but it is, and the creators are claiming to have raised lots of money to make it happen.

SOURCE: Bleacher Report, NY Daily News | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter

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