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LeBron James is doing everything he can to make this young sports fanatic’s dreams come true.

Emanuel Duncan, 19, has muscular dystrophy, and because people who have the disease aren’t expected to live through their 20s, he’s created a bucket list to fulfill. The last thing he had left to do is meet his role model, LeBron. According to ESPN, meeting the NBA champ “would make” his day.

LeBron, never one to disappoint his fans, heard of Emanuel’s story and wanted to make his wish come true, so he reached out via a thoughtful letter. From ESPN:

“It just hit home,” James said Friday at shootaround in New York. “It was a situation that I found out about and obviously I know there are a lot of kids and there are a lot of people in the world that are in similar situations or in situations of their own that’s kind of tough or they’re trying to find a way out or whatever the case may be. I just thought this one was unique and it meant something to me. So it’s just me being myself.”

“I’m in a position that I hold with a lot of responsibility,” James said. “And to give back to my fans and to be able to be a role model to them is something that I take very seriously.”

The two haven’t set up an official meeting yet, but kudos to LeBron for using his platform for good.


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