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Bree Olson appeared on The Howard Stern Show this morning, visibly “shaking and upset,” after Sheen’s admission on The TODAY Show.

According to The Daily Beast:

“He never said anything to me,” Olson added. “I was his girlfriend. I lived with him. We were together. We had sex almost every day for a year—with lambskin condoms.”

Lambskin condoms prevent pregnancy, but do not protect against HIV. Olson brought her HIV test to the show, and Stern read that “no HIV antibodies were detected.”

Charlie Sheen‘s Goddesses are speaking out about the actor’s big announcement that he is HIV positive, and surprisingly, they are all firmly in his corner.

Natalie Kenly, a member of Sheen’s former live-in girlfriends he referred to as his “Goddesses,” defended the 50-year-old in an interview with PEOPLE:

“He’s not a monster,” she said. “He has regard for human beings and cares about people. I do not see him knowingly putting women at risk.”

“He’s got young kids,” she continued. “He’s also not an idiot and I don’t see him opening himself up to that legal nightmare.”

Porn star Bree Olson, on the other hand, had much more to say.

Last week, she posted on her Facebook page:

“There are speculations circling that one of my ex boyfriends from years ago may have contracted the HIV virus. They are rumors and I know nothing more than anyone else,” she wrote on Nov. 13. “I, myself have been to my gynecologist at least once a year since we split up and have always been tested across the board for everything and have came back clean across the board every time.”

Charlie Sheen was also dating Mia Isabella, the trans woman who allegedly had relations with Tyga. She opened up to Entertainment Tonight:

Sheen’s ex-girlfriend, Mia Isabella, told ET exclusively that she’s praying for the actor. “That is hard news to hear I’m saddened but know him as an incredible person and advocate,” Isabella said. “My memories of him reflect a warrior and super brave person so I know he will navigate through this with strength. He isn’t afraid of facing any public scrutiny and speaking frankly and I have nothing but admiration for his friendship.”

Seems like most of Charlie’s exes still hold him in high regard.

SOURCE: Us Weekly, PEOPLE, Entertainment Tonight | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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