Charlie's former "goddess" girlfriend Natalie Kenly is now defending her ex-boyfriend against accusations made by his other ex, Bree Olson

Yesterday, Charlie Sheen vowed he would stop paying off the women who have been keeping his HIV status secret over the last four years, but it might not be that easy.

Charlie Sheen's Goddesses are speaking out about the actor's big announcement that he is HIV positive.

News for cool people, all the stuff you need to know in a 140 characters or less. Leggo! This just in, Rihanna will curse you out on Twitter, ’cause she’s Black. [Rihanna] [pagebreak] Bree Olson dumped Charlie Sheen via a nasty text message and now she’s doing Playboy. Duh, winning! [Slate] [pagebreak] We can’t make […]

Every morning there is a sea of sexy aftermath and shocking news left on the internet from the things our favorite celebrities have done or said the night before. Whether it’s going to the club, hitting a red carpet, or making a statement that raises a few eyebrows, hip-pop fans need to know. GlobalGrind has […]

New York – And1 streetball legend Troy Jackson aka Escalade died in his sleep last night. Jackson was born in Queens on January 11, 1976 and played basketball in college and was featured on the And1 Mixtape Tour.  More recently, Escalade played for the Ball Up Streetball team and is the younger brother of Mark Jackson.


UPDATE Relatives and friends of Lorenzen Wright gathered Wednesday and grieved for the former NBA player who has been missing for 10 days, as police investigated the discovery of a man’s body outside of Memphis. Wright’s uncle, Curtis Wright, told The Associated Press that police called the player’s father, Herb Wright, Wednesday afternoon with the […]


**UPDATE** An all-clear has been given after authorities investigated a suspicious package left in front of a hotel in Times Square. False alarm in Times Square, turns out someone left a white cooler laying on the street, no evacuations have been ordered from buildings, but workers were told to stay indoors as the police responded. […]


Did they find Noah’s Ark? Seems they have, a team of Turkish and Chinese evangelical explorers said Monday. So was there really a Noah’s Ark? This new discovery is most defiantly going to spark debate. A spokesman from the 15 man team said ‘It’s not 100 percent that it is Noah’s Ark but we think […]

<p>The very reports that are being told apart at this very moment about the Paige Birgfeld body found are yet to be confirmed. The most that we can get out of</p>

<p>Could all the hearsay circulating around the media today be true about Sandra being pregnant or is it something that has been fabricated to sell a few more</p>

<p>The idiot who couldn’t hold on to his rather beautiful and stunningly talented wife has once again roused the curiosity of people world over as Jesse James</p>