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Meek Mill is usually shot down when he speaks out on issues on social media, but for once, his claims may be warranted.

Every day, men and women are subjected to harsh treatment by police in America, and Meek Mill is fed up with it. He took to Instagram to post a video that shows a man running with police close behind him. Once the officers close in on the man – identified later as Stanislav Petrov – he is tackled to the ground and appears to be hit repeatedly with a nightstick. Petrov tries to get up several times – with his hands behind his head to signal defeat – but is unable to do so under the barrage of hits.

Meek posted the video to Instagram with a caption reading, “These are the people that make up the charges that the people have to face in court for our freedom! I can almost guarantee he got 30 charges because they have to make up a reason why they beat him so bad! This is the biggest game of them all #thesystem

Meek Mill has also accused the cops of police brutality, taking to Instagram earlier this year to share his own story.

To read more about the assault Meek posted, click here.


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