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In an interview with CBS This Morning yesterday, Jimmy Iovine made a sexist comment regarding women’s prowess in the music industry. He’s since issued an apology.

During the interview with Gayle King, the co-founder of Interscope Records and the man behind Beats By Dre, said, “I always knew that women find it very difficult at times — some women — to find music. And this helps makes it easier with playlists, curated by real people.”

His comments faced immediate backlash, and even Gayle rushed to his defense, tweeting that his quotes were taken out of context. But that tweet was later deleted.

Late last night, Jimmy released a statement in order to apologize and clarify his comments:

“We created Apple Music to make finding the right music easier for everyone — men and women, young and old. Our new ad focuses on women, which is why I answered the way I did, but of course the same applies equally for men. I could have chosen my words better, and I apologize.”

Watch the interview above.


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