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It’s a show about zombies where they never mention the word zombie. And I still managed to learn many life lessons in the six seasons The Walking Dead has been on air.

TWD is a great show where you can release some aggression, learn how to survive in the zombie apocalypse, and how to thrive in the real world if you pay attention. That’s why every Sunday I’m in front of my television watching AMC.

So I’m sharing the 6 life lessons I learned from watching The Walking Dead.


You can find love anywhere.

Maggie and Glen found love almost at the beginning of the zombie outbreak. If these two can connect amidst little zombie kids being locked in barns, fat well zombies, and a deranged ex cop banging his partner’s wife, surely we can find connection in the middle of twerking, molly popping, and women who want to be reality TV stars.

Cut your losses and move on.

Speaking of little zombie kids being locked in barns, sometimes you just have to cut your losses and get going. The Walking Dead crew spent an entire season looking for this little girl and once we realized she was dead, it opened her mom Carol up from being a mistreated housewife, to a badass zombie-killing queen. Surprising things can come out of the most horrible tragedies.

Take risks and face the consequences. 

On TWD, people are always doing something dumb. We’re talking so dumb, they end up getting killed or almost killed or worse – getting someone else killed. Now, by no means are we saying go out and get killed, but this has taught me that when you brave the unknown, be prepared to face the consequences – both good and bad.

Beards make everything better.

Simply put: Grow a beard and be great. Also a man bun, if the genetic gods blessed you with an everlasting hairline. If not, baldies and mustaches work well too.

Assholes will always get what’s coming to them.

Dale was a complete racist asshole, but he ended up getting one of the worst deaths in the show’s history. The Governor not only killed him, he turned him into a zombie so his body could never rest in peace. In other words, karma is a bitch.

Never count yourself out.

Life is going to throw you curve balls. Just because you’re not facing a sea of Walkers trying to eat your brains, events still could be significant enough to make you wish or feel like dying. Despite those odds, the will to win will always overcome the most daunting of circumstances. Say strong, my friends.


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