Happy birthday, Robin Williams. It's been nearly one year since we lost the beloved comedian, and today he would've turned 64 years old.

Happy Birthday to Gucci Mane turning 41 years old today! Let's celebrate Gucci's elevation with five ways to achieve a glow up like Gucci Mane. 

The famous couple is expecting their first child together; head inside for all the wisdom they'll be able to bestow upon their unborn son.

This morning I posted a clip from Extra Butter on my Instagram @BlogXilla because it really moved me. You see I take away a gem of greatness from everyone I interview. So when I get the chance to sit across from people like Denzel Washington and Viola Davis I make sure to have my ears […]

TWD is a great show where you can release some aggression, learn how to survive in the zombie apocalypse, and how to thrive in the real world if you pay attention.

The O.C. was not just another television series. It was our bible and boy, did we fall in love with it from day one. With this being the 10 year anniversary, it’s hard to believe that we lost something so dear to our hearts – and that we’re already old! The characters on The O.C. became […]