The Daily Grind Video

This morning I posted a clip from Extra Butter on my Instagram @BlogXilla because it really moved me. You see I take away a gem of greatness from everyone I interview. So when I get the chance to sit across from people like Denzel Washington and Viola Davis I make sure to have my ears all the way on, so when they say something I can take it in.

Denzel never lets me down. This was my first time seeing Fences, I’ve never seen the play, I’ve never read anything about it, therefore, the movie was my first Fences experience. As I’m watching the movie I start to notice that Denzel’s character, Troy Maxson, continued to hit a baseball on a rope that was tied to a tree in their backyard. Denzel kept hitting this ball, talking about his past accomplishments and failures. For me, it was a metaphor of the Black experience. People I’ve crossed paths with who achieved greatness but ended up not so great.

I asked Denzel if that was the case and what advice would he give to people who feel like no matter how hard they try, no real change will ever happen. Denzel told me not to be mad if he stole my metaphor and then he gave me a gem. Denzel said, “Keep swinging.” Which I took to mean never give up.

Life will throw things in front of you to test your will, but you have to continue to try. Denzel adds, “You know the crookeds are crooked you don’t always see them coming. Fall down 7 times, get up 8.”

That’s why Denzel is here today. I don’t doubt he faces setbacks but he didn’t complain, he just kept getting up, he kept doing good work and he continues to try to this day. Fences is a perfect example of Denzel’s growth as he directed, produced and starred in this powerful film.