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Period dramas are nothing new, but promoting those TV shows is always a bit dicey.

So it’s no surprise that people were outraged when Amazon decked out some NYC subway trains in Nazi propaganda in support of its new show Man in The High Castle. The program is an alternate-period piece that takes place in an America ruled by Nazi Germany and imperial Japan. While many passengers were likely too occupied by the stress of rush hour, it’s clear that some were outraged by the odd promotion.

Amazon must’ve known these images would drum up some sort of controversy – considering we’re talking about the Statue of Liberty draped in Nazi flags and giving a Nazi salute, nestled amongst imperialist Japan flags.

The Verge reports:

Amazon papered the seats with American flags based on Japan’s Rising Sun design and a modified version of the Nazi Parteiadler, its swastika replaced by a somewhat less fraught Iron Cross. The results drew consternation from some riders, as well as Anti-Defamation League regional director Evan Bernstein, who described Amazon’s campaign as exploitative.

The attention-grabbing promo set Twitter ablaze with reactions, ranging from angry to simply confused.

If you’re interested, you can stream the show on Amazon now.

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