Last week, a video emerged of NBA star Jahlil Okafor involved in a Boston street fight. Now, the rookie has finally broken his silence on the matter, admitting some of the fault was on him.

He understands the mistakes he’s made recently and aired it out via Twitter, writing: “I hold myself to a higher standard than anyone else ever could and I’m not proud of some of my decisions over the last few months.”

Jahlil continued:

One of his poor decisions is the brawl that leaked online last week. The video shows Jahlil and a teammate leaving a night club when several hecklers began to antagonize the 76ers players about their less than stellar beginning to the season. Other incidents include Jahlil being stopped for speeding yesterday, and a person pointing a gun at him during a dispute in a Philadelphia night club.

Still, Jahlil has managed to average 18 points a game, and if he cleans up his act a bit, there’s no telling what he could do.


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