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The world was pretty shocked when 50 Cent, a millionaire multiple times over, filed for bankruptcy back in July.

The mogul has his hands in everything from television with his show Power, to liquor with his brand Effen Vodka. According to recent reports, 50 is far from broke and is just using that as an excuse not to pay Lastonia Leviston, Rick Ross‘ child’s mother.

Leviston won a $7 million judgement from 50 after he released her sex tape without her consent. TMZ is reporting that she’s so upset about his bankruptcy lawyers living in the lap of luxury, and racking up huge expenses in the process that she filed docs claiming that 50’s legal team dropped $57,241.76 on hotels alone while working on his bankruptcy case. Her wish is that the judge will reject the lavish reimbursements and pay her what she’s owed.

50 seems extremely unbothered by the reports. So much so that he posted a photo of the inside of his fridge, with each shelf stacked with wads of cash.

Nothing says broke more than keeping bundles of hundreds in your refrigerator.

SOURCE: TMZ | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Getty 

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