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A 15-year-old British girl committed suicide after her “allergy to Wi-Fi” became too overwhelming.

Jenny Fry was found dead near her home in Chadlington, England on June 11. She’d texted a friend in the morning revealing that she wasn’t going to school that day and she intended to die.

Jenna’s mother Debra told the courts Jenna suffered from tiredness, headaches, and bladder problems, all symptoms of consistent electro-hypersensitivity, or EHS. The condition was made worse by the Wi-Fi at her school, and she began to show symptoms in November 2012.

Her mother removed the routers at their home, but Jenny continued to get sick while attending school. It’s a misunderstood condition and schools are reluctant to do anything because the Wi-Fi companies have money and tell schools it is safe,” said Debra.

The grief-stricken mother wants to help the affliction gain more notoriety to help others suffering from it. To do so, Debra’s started a campaign to raise awareness for EHS and for the removal of Wi-Fi technology in schools.

A lot of research has been conducted on EHS – yet it’s not even a recognized condition in the UK. Do you know anyone affected by EHS?

SOURCE: Mashable, Cotswold Journal | VIDEO SOURCE: Inform

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