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Remember that beef between Action Bronson and Ghostface Killah this past summer? It’s been turned into a video game.

Largely overshadowed by Meek Mill’s dismantling performed by Aubrey Graham, Action Bronson dissed Ghostface Killah on national television. Now, the riff has been reinvented as a video game that finds Bam Bam Baklava running and avoiding obstacles as a giant Ghostface Killah head follows closely behind. All of the obstacles happen to be ghosts. (Get it?) The game is even backed by a Mario-esque 8-bit version of Action’s single “Actin’ Crazy.

The browser-based game is only compatible with Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. It was developed by Swamp Penguins, the same people who promised a Drake vs. Meek video game back in August. The preview for that game showed Drake and Meek at a clear-port in fighting stance, with Nicki Minaj waiting at the steps of a plane flown by “Amen Airlines.”

Even though Ghostface and Action Bronson may have called a truce on their beef, the internet assures it lives on forever.

SOURCE: Missinfo | VIDEO SOURCE: YouTube, Twitter

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