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Big Sean has been through a lot of highs and lows this past year, but being robbed has to be one of the low points.

On Friday evening, while Sean was still away in Dubai, his house was robbed and raided by robbers. According to reports, the burglars broke into his Hollywood Hills home and went for the safe, where they grabbed around $150k in jewelry.

Along with all of his precious bling, Sean also had some unpublished music in the mini-vault, which was also stolen. Law enforcement revealed that they believe the robbery was definitely an inside job. They also came to the conclusion the thieves knew the rapper was in Dubai and also had a clear layout of the house.

The police have yet to find any suspects. At least Big Sean didn’t walk in on his robber like Chris Brown did with his stalker! Scary.

Source: TMZ | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty 

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