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Internet sensation and stripping queen Cardi B made her Love & Hip-Hop: New York debut last night.

The “regular degular smegular girl” from the Bronx stopped working the pole and entertaining us via Instagram to entertain us on VH1. If you missed it, here’s a quick look at her introduction.

Cardi and DJ Self are involved in some sort of friendship, where he’s flirting with her while helping get her music career off the ground. Their relationship is one of the most interesting on the show.

Another big moment from last night was Amina Buddafly slapping Peter Gunz in the face after confronting him about sleeping with Tara, the mother of his children. Some fans were skeptical about the slap and decided to slow it down to see if Peter really got hit.

As Amina leaves the apartment, she tells both Tara and Peter she’s pregnant. You can hit up VH1 to watch episode 2 of Love & Hip-Hop right now.


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