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Looking back on 2015, it’s no surprise that Matt Barnes doesn’t consider the past year to be one of his best.

In fact, he apparently views it as the worst year of his life. The NBA star found himself at the center of controversy multiple times over the past 12 months regarding his messy falling out from Gloria Govan, his scuffle with Derek Fisher, and his back-and-forth with Rihanna.

Although he doesn’t mention names in his post on Instagram, Barnes didn’t hold back as he addressed it all in a lengthy post. On his failed marriage, Barnes writes: Lost the women I love, the mother of my kids, my Dogg.. I had to walk away from the only thing I’ve wanted, MY OWN FAMILY! “They call that Karma” *To being traded away from a team & city I love! “They call that the business”

And when it came to Rihanna, Barnes had this to say: Lied on by a pop star Who’s lucky I stuck to the script & didn’t expose her lien ass Funny thing about texts & pics is they DONT LIE! “I Guess” “They call that getting played”

But it appears Barnes reserved his harshest criticism for Fisher, his former teammate who Barnes suspected of developing a romantic relationship with Govan: Last BUT NOT LEAST… Being stuck in the “triangle offense” w my ex & snitch, I mean former teammate & friend.. Who went behind my back, messed w my ex, got caught, got dealt w for being a snake, and then ran & told the Police & NBA.. Instead of taken that ass whoopin like a man & kept it moving…..! WHERE THEY DO THAT AT? Guess cause I didn’t SNITCH, I get a 2 game suspension by the league “They call that LIFE”

Wow. You can read the full post below.

Let’s hope 2016 serves Matt Barnes better.

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