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Nothing about these women is cookie cutter.

The fiercest actresses on television— Viola Davis, Taraji P. Henson, and Priyanka Chopra— have all landed individual covers of ELLE Magazine’s “Women In TV” issue.

The cover lineup is one of ELLE Magazine’s most diverse ever, and truly reflects the makeup of actresses in Hollywood, as well as their multihued readership.

But the issue isn’t just about beautiful faces. Along with featured cover stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus of the hit comedy Veep and Olivia Wilde, star of HBO’s Vinyl, the women talk about everything from their TV shows and busting through stereotypes, to sharing a bit about their personal lives.

Golden Globe winner and Empire star Taraji doesn’t want her character, Cookie Lyon, to just be known for her sass:

“It was very important to me that [Cookie Lyon] not be sassy and neck-rollin’ and eye-bulgin’ and attitude all the time. Everything she does is coming from a place of fighting for her family. That’s why she’s not a caricature.”

How To Get Away With Murder star and Golden Globe winner Viola minces no words about industry stereotypes: “We’ve been fed a whole slew of lies about women,” she tells ELLE. By TV standards, “if you are anywhere above a size 2, you’re not having sex. You don’t have sexual thoughts. You may not even have a vagina. And if you’re of a certain age, you’re off the table.”

Priyanka, Quantico and Bollywood megastar, questioned the idea of “having it all,” as she did in an exclusive with Global Grind“Why should a woman have to pick between global domination and having the love of her life?”

She also shared her ELLE cover with fans on Instagram, and couldn’t hold back her excitement:

Get your hands on this coffee table must-have issue when it hits newsstands on Jan. 19.

SOURCE: ELLE | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter, Instagram

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