Money Man becomes the first artist to receive an artist advance payment solely in Bitcoin. The Decatur rapper recently released his latest album Blockchain as an ode to the world of cryptocurrency.

From Kanye to Mr. Miyagi, you don't want to work for these people.

Serayah is really coming into her own as an artist. Taking a cue from Rihanna, the good girl quite literally threatens to go bad in a new video she just dropped for her song “GTTM (Going Through The Motions)”. It’s a beautiful visual and a mesmerizing take on a topic many of us know all […]

LaKeith Stanfield set social media on fire with his bold statement about his show “Atlanta” versus FOX’s “Empire”. It’s perfectly fine to be a fan of both. But for LaKeith purposes, let this quiz tell you which show you are.

Taraji P. Henson is hitting theaters soon with Proud Mary, one of her most important films yet; the above-the-title lead is also an executive producer. Henson plays Mary, a professional hit-woman working for an organized crime family in Boston, who’s life is changed forever when she crosses paths with a young boy during a hit gone wrong. Prior to the […]

Diana DuBois' evil plan for the eldest Lyon cub came full circle in the second to last episode of season 4.

The 'Empire' star explains why she will always fight for equal pay in the workplace.

Terrence Howard might have to dish out some of his Empire earnings due to a ruling on Wednesday. In a California appeals court, a three-justice panel ruled to reinstate Howard’s divorce judgement involving his second wife — a judgement that was tossed out by a lower court in 2015. The ruling could allow Michelle Ghent to […]