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A protester holding a sign reading “16 shots and a cover up #LaquanMcDonald #ResignRahm,” on Wednesday interrupted the national mayors conference to call on Rahm Emanuel to step down, according to CNN.

April Goggans, an organizer with Black Lives Matter in Washington, stood in front of the podium during the opening press conference for the winter meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors to confront Emanuel.

The move is after Emanuel came under fire for the high-profile police shootings of young Black men in Chicago, including Laquan McDonald, and the failed response from city officials.

From CNN

Emanuel’s press office declined to comment on the protester, but the mayor himself spoke later Wednesday on the conference’s “Reducing Violence and Strengthening Police/Community Trust” panel.


“Every encounter between law enforcement and a resident is a teachable moment,” he said. “The trust factor is not just a goal, it is a key ingredient to effective community policing, which is what you need for safety.”

During a special City Council meeting in December, Emanuel apologized for the circumstances surrounding the death of McDonald, including the fact it took 13 months before a police dashboard camera video of McDonald’s shooting became public and the officer who killed him was charged.

During the apology, Emanuel told residents he owns the problem, but it appears they not only want him to do just that, they also want him to close the door and turn off the lights on the way out of City Hall for good.

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