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For five and a half years, Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta has granted brides-to-be from across the country the ultimate wish: the wedding dress of their fairy tale dreams.

And this season is no different—except that it’s making history by showcasing its first ever transgender bride, 30 year-old Precious Davis.

The activist and Assistant Director of Diversity Recruitment Initiatives at Columbia College Chicago beamed from ear-to-ear as she talked about her upcoming summer nuptials and love for her activist fiancé, Myles Brady, who is also transgender.

“Being two trans people, to be able to showcase our love in such a visible way was really special. It was also such a wonderful experience,” Davis exclusively told Hello Beautiful.

She stressed, “We also wanted to let other members of our community know that love is possible, they can start a family like Myles and I plan to and that their dreams really can come true.

These affirming messages are so crucial given that in too many instances, to be trans in America means to face alarmingly high levels of systematic discrimination, poverty, homelessness, unemployment, and even homicide.

And while reality TV can take on an exploitive nature, especially when depicting trans people of color, Davis said SYTTD was quite the opposite— it was a breath of fresh air.

“There were other shows that wanted to document our wedding planning, but they wanted to embellish and create drama, but when SYTTD reached out to us, it was so different. They wanted us to be ourselves. And I think a huge part of that is because Bridals By Lori runs their business as a once in a lifetime experience that they want to make magical for everyone,” she said.

Yet, to ensure her expectations around cultural competency were met, Davis admits to being open and honest with the producers, cast, and crew.

“Through the screening process, I kept it real and they were incredibly receptive. Being upfront and feeling out a project is important, because I’m a true believer in that people can only treat you the way you let them.”

And her thoughts on the final cut?

“So happy with it. I was in tears from the beginning to the end. I wanted to see more!” she said.

Davis was also overwhelmed with the public response she has gotten for being on the show, saying, “It’s been really amazing, it’s really such a light energy and I’m reveling in it.”

And trust: That energy kept pouring in.

Davis’ story has also helped remind people of the commonality that we all share.

And that’s exactly what she wants people to walk away with.

“Myles and my love is about resilience, overcoming the hardships we’ve encountered in our lives and being authentic and grounded in who we are. That’s what strengthens our love for one another and that’s something that you don’t have to be trans to relate to, that’s just part of the human experience,” Davis eloquently points out.

Watch a sneak peek below. The full episode airs tonight at 9 p.m. on TLC.

SOURCE: Hello Beautiful, Twitter | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram