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Just when we were ready to applaud The Academy for responding to its lack of diversity by changing its membership process, the organization has taken two steps back.

According to TMZ, Ice Cube, the executive producer of Straight Outta Compton–which received two Oscar nominations for Best Original Screenplay, wasn’t invited to the Awards ceremony. Neither was the film’s cast.

Most of the attendees at these high profile award shows aren’t necessarily nominees or even presenters, they’re just A-list celebrities that fans tune in to see.  Jennifer Lopez has never been nominated for a Golden Globe yet she slayed this year’s red carpet in a yellow Giambattista Valli‎ gown.

Attending an event like the Oscars is on par with being nominated; it’s a symbol of your elite status in Hollywood. For the Academy not to send invitations to the predominately African American cast or the producers of an Oscar nominated film reiterates the steep diversity problems of the organization.

Ice Cube and the cast will be in attendance at this year’s NAACP Image Awards where the film received multiple nominations.

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